Welcome to the Southern California Norton Owners Club!

Ahh…Springtime, next to fall, is my favorite time of year to ride two lane back roads through Southern California. Sometimes it can look like Ireland. With the verdant hills and valleys to gaze upon as you take a break to stretch, the motorcycle ticking away cooling in the air. Yes you can run into a light mist or even rain if you’re riding to a destination you must keep. But with the right gear, or close to it, you’ll have a great ride, and your finned motorcycle will just love it. Don’t they seem to run better with the cool air and a light mist, maybe that theory about water injection? The springtime riding season is going to be a short one this year I fear. For with the lack of rain in California there will be less green grasses and flowers to take in along the hillsides. Creeks and streams are drying up earlier and things will turn desert brown. So we must get out into the foothills and mountain roads and do what we do best, ride and enjoy the abundance of what the spring season can give us. Whether you ride alone, with a couple of friends, or with a group, take your motorcycle out for a spin, your mental health with be the better for it. Next to my native New England, California offers such a diverse collection of roads. But unlike my native origin, you can ride all year.

See you on the road!