Founded in 1979, the Southern California Norton Owners Club is one of the largest and most active classic motorcycle-riding clubs in the country with over 700 members on its current roster. Cumulative annual attendance at club rides/events since 2006 has exceeded 2000 participants per year. Ride routes typically exceed 2000 miles each year over Southern and Central California’s best back country roads, canyons and passes with occasional forays into Nevada and Arizona.

While we prefer Norton motorcycles and other classic British bikes, whatever you ride is fine with us – although we don’t have a lot of patience with cruisers (whatever their country of origin) or so-called “trailer queens”. No club rules, officers, politics or causes – just rides and bikes!

We have a ride every month and 3 to 4 weekend events each year, always including Cambria and Big Sur and the High Sierras and Yosemite. The club has sponsored California’s Hansen Dam All British Ride, “…the best ride by a dam site” since 1990 – one of the country’s largest gatherings of British bikes according to Cycle World.

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